Délice Bakery & Café
Délice Bakery & Café
French Bakery with a fresh twist, healthy options and desserts to bring sweetness to your daily life

Welcome to your new favorite bakery.

Fresh. Tasty. Local.


Our origin

We are your new favorite french bakery bringing fresh and tasty products to cater all the members in the family. Our cuisinier and pâtissier bring to life over sixty different recipes, inspired by the South of France where the love for creating food and sweets was born…


Our products

The highest quality crafted desserts are made with passion and the best ingredients. We use local products but we also import some of our supplies so you can really taste the classic European flavors, always keeping in mind that fresh is always better…


Our mission

bring sweetness to your daily life one bite at a time


with over 60 different desserts & sweet selections to choose it is hard to come visit us only once.

oh, we almost forgot we serve all day breakfast and lunch.